About AIPM Ukraine

The association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers AIPM Ukraine is a non-profit, non-governmental organization representing professional and business interests of the international pharmaceutical manufacturers, operating in Ukraine.

The Association was established in December 2009 and registered in compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Public Organizations”.

The Association activities and administration are funded solely from members’ fees, paid by members’ companies.

Our VISION is to become the recognized and powerful voice for representation of the interests of the international pharmaceutical industry, operating in Ukraine.

This goal is being materialized by our MISSION to support the development of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical and HealthCare market into mature efficient system based on the principles of the common good of patients, society, and industry, where the last one means compliance with the commonly accepted Good Practices.

Our Objectives

  • Promote the DEVELOPMENT OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR in UKRAINE, establish high ethical standards of doing business and increase the investment attractiveness of the pharmaceutical sector;
  • Develop partnerships with government agencies to bring Ukraine’s healthcare system closer to EU standards and be an effective partner for key market players;
  • Promote the development of mechanisms to meet the needs of patients in medicines and medical products in order to ensure high standards of medical care for patients in accordance with international protocols;
  • Develop an effective system for ensuring the quality of medicines in Ukraine;
  • DEFEND THE INVIOLABILITY OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, counteract the spread of counterfeit products and counterfeits of MEDICAL PRODUCTS on the Ukrainian market.