Panacea – 2016: the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry

The 17-th event was held in the National Academic Theater named after Ivan Franko on September 8, 2016.

The competition Panacea is organized each year to the Day of the pharmacist and unites all the members of the pharmaceutical market, operating in Ukraine: local and foreign manufacturers of medical products, distributors, pharmacists and others. The Panacea Award – is a professional prize among the participants of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

The prize is awarded in the following categories:

  • “Pharmacy of the Year”:
    • “Pharmacy of the Year”;
    • “Pharmacy Chain of the Year”;
    • “Pharmmarket”.
  • “Company of the Year”:
    • “Domestic Manufacturer”;
    • “Foreign Manufacturer”;
    • “Distributor”.
  • “Person of the Year”:
    • “Pharmacist of the Year”;
    • “Military pharmacist of the Year”;
    • “Manager of the Year”;
    • “Marketing manager of the Year”;
    • “Key Account Manager of the Year”.
  • “Social Project of the Year”.
  • “The product of the year”:
    • “OTC”;
    • “Prescription drugs”.