Swiss Acino Pharma acquired Ukrainian Pharma Start

Effective October 1, 2015, Acino Pharma, an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland, acquires Pharma Start, the 9th largest local pharmaceutical company in Ukraine.

With the acquisition of Pharma Start, Acino reconfirms its intention of bringing affordable high quality medicine to patients.

Pharma Start covers the entire value chain from development, manufacturing and registration to distribution, marketing and sales. The integration of the quality system of Pharma Start into the Acino quality management system will be pursued with high priority in order to meet international GMP standards and to comply with the Acino strategy of safeguarding consistently high quality levels of the Acino product portfolio.

Acino is confident in its strategy that growth will come from emerging markets like Ukraine and other CIS countries. Localizing is an important success factor in these markets to provide high quality medicines at affordable prices to patients.