IFPMA new comprehensive online platform on falsified medicines

IFPMA is happy to launch a comprehensive online resource on falsified medicines.

Medicines falsification is a criminal activity affecting every therapeutic area, in most cases lifesaving-medicines. The impact is multifold. First, it impacts patients as these products contain no active ingredient or harmful substances which could lead to further disability or death. Second, it affects the relation between patients, the general public and the health system: episodes of medicines falsification undermine the trust of the people in their authorities and their health care professionals, driving them far away from care. Third, falsification of medicines impacts science: inadequate therapies, especially in the case of antibiotics or antimalarials, create resistance to treatments, jeopardizing years of progress in medical research.

This online platform describes IFPMA’s positioning and activities on many of the issues related to medicines’ falsification. Structured into five sections, it provides a user-friendly, comprehensive interpretation of all aspects of this global challenge that need to be addressed: from strengthening legislative frameworks and regulatory systems, collecting data, implementing effective technologies, to raising awareness.