AIPM Ukraine took part in Forum on the Serving People, Improving Health Project for Ukraine

The development objectives of the Serving People, Improving Health Project for Ukraine are to improve the quality of health services in selected Oblasts, with special focus on primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and to enhance efficiency of the health care system.

The project is made up of three components.

Under component 1 (Improving service delivery at the local level) the Project provides financing to selected Oblasts to carry out investment sub-projects aimed at prevention, early detection and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer and at increasing efficiency of their health care delivery system (Oblast Sub-projects), including activities focused on improving primary health care, fighting cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) at the primary and secondary care levels, early cancer detection, and health delivery system rationalization.

Component 2 (Strengthening Ministry of Health MoH governance) has been clustered around five thematic areas, with MoH as implementing agency: Payment System Reform, eHealth – Information
Systems Development, Public Health, Information and Communication, and Capacity Building. In addition, a decision has been made to bundle the resources of the five subcomponents into a common pool.

Component 3 (Project implementation support, and monitoring and evalutation) supports the Project Consultancy Support Unit (PCSU) at national level, responsible for Project implementation support and technical assistance to the Oblasts.